Pop-Up Shops & Stores in Germany

Pop-Up Shops & Stores


Here today, gone tomorrow. Pop-up Shops, guerrilla shops, flash retailing. They go by various names for the same idea. Short-term retail concepts, which upend the traditional rule of retail.

Pop-Ups link brick and mortar concepts with events, marketing and multi-channel retaail. It‘s a new way of how customers interact with brands. And last but not least a smart opportunity to emerge the German retail market by:

• Testing your products and retail concepts at minimal risk.

• Finding the most appropriated store locations.

• Creating brand awareness within your customer target group.

• Receiving direct customer feedback.


Download the full guide to German Pop-Up Shops & Stores

Our Services for Pop-Up Shops & Stores


Together with trusted partners and local retail experts we provide you the entire on-site service that covers all aspects of a pop-up projects:

• Profile and scout locations fit your goals and target group.

• Find appropriate pop-up spaces in Munich, Berlin and other Cities within Germany.

• Create and coordinate marketing campaigns and events to promote your pop-up on-site.

• Design and create the shop fitting and visual merchandising.

• Care about staffing, concessions and store infrastructure.